Investing in Real Estate in Thailand

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Investing in Real Estate in Thailand

Thailand's booming economy, largely fueled by foreign direct investment (FDI), has garnered significant attention from global investors seeking diversification in real estate. This surge in interest is particularly prominent in the Asian and Oceania regions.

Situated at the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand not only offers lucrative business prospects with neighboring nations but also stands as a leading global tourist destination.

Here are five compelling reasons to consider investing in Thailand:

  1. Premier Global Destination - Bangkok, the capital city, holds the prestigious title of being the world’s top destination city. Thailand, with the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, acts as a gateway for foreign investors looking to explore opportunities across the Asian market. Additionally, tourist hotspots such as Phuket, Pattaya & Koh Samui offer great investment opportunities.

  2. Positive Economic Outlook - The growth prospects aren't limited to Thailand alone; the entire region is experiencing an upswing. The thriving tourism sector is projected to contribute to a promising 4% increase in GDP.

  3. Tourism Magnet - In 2018, Thailand drew in a staggering 38.27 million visitors, injecting nearly 2 trillion THB into the local economy—a notable 8% surge from the preceding year.

  4. Government Backing - With the recent general election, the Thai government has embraced foreign investment policies, making it possible for certain foreign-owned businesses to register with the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). This move is set to attract more enterprises to the region.

  5. Infrastructure Overhaul - With a population surpassing 70 million and an additional 20 million plus tourists, Thailand has initiated the ambitious Thailand 4.0 project, channeling 45 billion USD into enhancing infrastructure. This comprehensive investment encompasses airports, railways, seaports, and motorways. Labelled as the "gateway to Asia," this development will effectively connect over half of the world's population.

Why Invest with Century 21?

At Century 21, our primary goal is to democratize real estate, making it more accessible to consumers. When you choose Century 21 for your next investment, you're ensuring that your entry into the market is strategically positioned for a robust return on investment (ROI) and substantial capital appreciation when it comes time to divest.

How Do We Deliver?

  1. Exclusive Pricing & Promotions - Century 21 collaborates with some of the nation's foremost developers known for their track record of delivering high-quality projects punctually. This partnership allows us to secure exclusive pricing and payment plans for our clients by offering developers additional marketing exposure.

  2. Dynamic Pricing - To foster market liquidity, Century 21 engages with private sellers in the secondary market, guaranteeing competitive price points. Our extensive online reach ensures access to motivated sellers and attractively priced properties.

With Century 21, you buy at a value aligned with prevailing market conditions and sell with confidence.



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